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Seven Archangels Ring

Be the bearer of the ancient Seal of the Seven Archangels and proudly display your faith with this brilliantly designed ring!

The outer edge of the Seal of the Seven Archangels (Seal of the Planetary Hierarchy) contains the names of the seven planetary angelic rulers, in the Chaldean order, and in the outer corners, the seals are listed as in the Heptameron.

In the outer corners, there are the names of the seven spirits and their seals, while the inner circles simply remind us of the names of the Latin planets and their glyphs.

It is traditionally used as a "general" pentacle, with multiple benefits and influences, but the heptagram also strengthens the energies of another more specific pentacle.


  • Made of durable Stainless Steel that will never rust
  • Handcrafted, sturdy with a great finish
  • US Size available 7-14
  • Fits true to size