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LCD Temperature Display Bottle

Keep track of how hot or cold your favorite beverage is with our head-turning LCD Temperature Display Bottle!  This sleek and trendy vacuum flask bottle will replace all the old plastic bottles cluttering up your cupboard.  There's no need to open the lid except when you're drinking! The  built-in smart chip reads the temperature of the liquid inside and displays it in perfect clarity on the LCD touchscreen lid.


The stunning designs add a beautiful touch to the practicality of our bottle

Extremely portable and perfect for everyday carry.  Bring it to the office, the gym, on a hike or even a picnic!

LCD touch display and temperature readout on the lid which is powered by a long lasting battery

Insulated layers to keep your drink at the temperature you desire


Made of high quality, durable stainless steel and also comes with a long lasting battery


  • 450ml
  • 22.5 cm x 6.5 cm / 8.8" x 2.5"